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Art is such a broad term that trying to make a small definition is quite difficult. Let’s say that it refers to a diverse range of creations and expressions that are appealing to the senses or emotions of a human individual. At IQ Village, we call that individual, the citizen of the new global era. Our commitment goes beyond one discipline, and in our Arts Department, students are able to express their creativity in many different ways, or levels.

The IQ Village Art Department is recognized for making little artists become the Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Katz or Warhol of their dreams.

Group classes are taught in one-and-a-half format, once per week. Students learn and advance at their own pace, receiving individualized instruction from different teachers.

Our program includes seven different levels, each one designed with an objective in particular through which the child works completing them all to achieve the level of a thorough and complete artist.