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09 Jun 2015

Doral Conservatory and School of Arts, Musical Pioneers in our City

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Doral is one of the cities with more musical activity regarding the teaching of adults and children.  There are many schools for all tastes, and it has become increasingly frequent to listen to people talk about concerts offered by the different orchestras of children and young people.  Few individuals have realized that Doral, in its short life as a City, is proud of a long list of music school and art centers for children and young people where love for music and the arts is instilled since an early age. I am sure that it is even fewer the number of Doralians who know where all this marvellous activity originated and that it is now blooming. This began 13 years ago in 2000, when Tailleen Arias created Kid’s Village Art & Music Studio, an art and music workshop for children, located in a small place of 2,500 square feet on 25th street. The workshop was born when Tailleen thought that it was a necessity for Doral, which was not yet even a city but it was already growing at leaps and bounds, and immigrant parents realized the need of a place where their children could learn different disciplines. The workshop opened its doors with 100 children, not bad for a new business, but it reconfirmed the Doral parents’ needs for a quality center for their children. I am sure that those parents had faith in Kid’s Village and will always remember the impact it left on their children’s lives.

For Tailleen, it is an honor to have been a pioneer of this musical movement. For her, the fact that many musical and art centers have recently appeared is a positive contribution because she thinks competition is always a good incentive. “Without it, says Arias, one stays in a comfortable position, and falls asleep on one’s feet; instead, competition demands of you to be current and to keep improving.” She thinks that few residents know about the incredible musical movement that has bloomed in Doral; it is a marvelous reality that is showing its fruits through talented young people. “I wish the world would know what is happening in Doral with the music, the children and the young,” she says enthusiastically.

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