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08 Jun 2015

Doral Conservatory and Artist Portfolio united for childhood creativity.

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Focusing on the common goal of channeling the artistic abilities of each child, leaving within them a legacy of discipline and perseverance, Doral Conservatory and Artist Portfolio unite their talents to offer Doral families over 35 years of combined experience in the field of music, performing arts, visual arts, fitness and education.

From the coming month of August 2014, these schools of art and music, considered two of the best in Doral, merge their efforts to ensure that our children have access to a highly qualified training in these areas that develop the creativity of our little ones and channel their artistic talents and inclinations.

This project, led by Anamaria Basalo, Carla Magallanes, and Tailleen Arias representing the Doral Conservatory and Elizabeth Canchola, Ana Maria Soler and Sara Alfaro of Artist Portfolio, is based on stimulating the spiritual, intellectual and cognitive fortitude of those who star in our future: children.

To the directors of both institutions, it is the love for children and passion for the arts that has created the perfect recipe to establish themselves as an obligatory reference to the artistic and musical education in Doral. “With this merger, we are a stronger team that ensures that your child will receive the best possible education in this field, making the great artist within to flourish,” says this dedicated group of women.

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